by The Fifths

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released June 23, 2013




The Fifths Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: New Girl
i got a new girl
starting off clean
prettiest thing i ever seen
i think i'm in love but something ain't right
and that's what keeps me up all night

i got a new girl
we're doing just fine
i really think i got it figured out this time
i think i'm in love but i gotta infess
she got me all wrong but she got me nonetheless
'cause we were brokenhearted when we started
we were just lookin' for something to do
don't you hate it when your favourite thing is
crazy just the same as you
i got a new girl
she's crazy like me
her mama done told her she must be
i think i'm in love
yeah it finally came true
but now i don't know what the hell i'm supposed to do
and i try so hard just to do my part
but i never seem to get it right
and i don't know if i got what she needs

i guess i have my doubts but i'll ride it out
while i wait around for her to decide
just what she's doing with someone like me
love is alright
love is okay
she probably gonna break my heart someday
it's true

but i'll be alright
she'll be okay
i feel it coming on but i'm trying to play it cool
Track Name: Physical Habitual
she came to my front door
looking every bit a mess
a million-dollar body in a twenty-dollar dress
she leaned in closer to me
she smelled of sweet perfume
i asked her what she needed
she said "you know what to do"

i'm singin hey yeah

i took her black umbrella
i told her not to cry
she said "ain't nothing wrong, i just got something in my eye"
i asked her what it was
she said "the object of my dreams"
said "i don't understand"
she said "you know just what i mean"

i'm singin hey yeah
and she's just so predictable, typical
i know it's only physical, habitual
it only makes me miserable and cynical
but she's simply irresistable
she's not one to stay 'til morning
no she left at 4am
i gotta let her go or she'll be at my door again
and i ain't gonna see her
til the summertime comes
she's hotter than a pistol
when she's under my thumb

i'm singin hey yeah
Track Name: Well Excuse Me
well excuse me while i marvel
at how well you know me
oh, if only
i let you lead and i followed
but you don't want me
you just like to taunt me
yes you do

so pardon me if i'm startled
at how well you can fake it
and just how far you take it
but maybe i'm not really up for friendly conversation
when it's 3am
you're drunk
and i can't understand a goddamn word you're saying
so i won't feel anything
anytime i hear your name
and don't you come around
just to bring me down
'cause i know we don't feel the same
and i'm sorry about my sorry state of constant disarray
but you don't want me anyway
i wish you were here
'cause it's that time of year
but you know me
so you won't be
and i'm glad you're sincere
but i don't wanna hear how you know me
i'd rather you just show me
Track Name: Never Say Never
well you left just a bit
of your sweetness on my lips
right before you up and flew away
and i'm laying in my bed
thinking things i should've said
wish it didn't have to be this way
yeah i'm laying in my bed
and i don't know what else i can say
when you left i was fine
now i've got you on my mind
think i might've made a big mistake
but you left and now you're gone
and i'm left to carry on
don't know how much more of this i can take
yeah you left, now you're gone
and i'm listening to my own heart break
and i never say never
but you've never looked better
and that's one thing i just can't forget
but i'm sitting here waiting
i've been anticipating this
i know it isn't over yet
and i wish you never
left just a little
of your perfume on my pillow
now i sure as hell won't get no rest
and i'm laying in my bed
with your heartbeat in my head
wondering why you think it's for the best
yeah i'm laying in my bed
wondering how we got into this mess
and i never say never
but you've never looked better
and that's one thing i just can't forget
and 'til i'm timing my breathing
to the sound of your heart beating
i'll be feeling like i let you leave
and i can't believe
you left with my sweater
and my otis redding record
found your goodbye letter yesterday
but you left in such a hurry
i know you said not to worry
surely you'll be coming back my way
but you left and i'm a mess
and i don't know what else i can say
Track Name: Long Way Down
lately i've been thinking about the way things used to be
it stands to reason, being here has that effect on me
i counted my blessings on my fingers yesterday
spent some time just shining diamonds
and i guess i pissed the rest away

and i used to live like i was never gonna die
somewhere along the line i got convinced
the rules did not apply
i should've never listened to the things that i was told
but a younger man don't understand
the underhanded game of growing old
(you think you do, but you don't)

so i can't help it if my words are misconstrued
when taken out of context of the circumstance i'm subject to
but if you insist, i guess there's not much i can say
so bust me all to bits, i'm not convinced it matters anyway

and i really do believe that i'm impossible to love
i guess i'll spare you the examples i been thinking of
if you don't believe me i assure you it's a fact
don't you give your heart to me 'cause it'll kill me when you take it back
(and you will take it back)
don't look now
but it's a long way down
don't look now
such a long way down
my body's done some things of which my mind did not approve
and made me stop and wonder if my heart was even in the room
from my perspective it's impossible to see
if i did this to myself or if somebody else did this to me